“For When I am Really Old…”

A few weeks ago, my parents visited my grandmother at her retirement home in Virginia. On that visit, my mom must have had plenty of time to think about her own self and how she would like to be cared for after … Continue reading

Summer Jacket

Although summer is here, I couldn’t get myself to put away my jackets and boots just yet. So with a little Urban Outfitter-esque inspiration, I paired a military style jacket (Loft) with a chambray button down (J.Crew) and gray suede … Continue reading

My Favorite Free Fonts

Despite what you may think,  you don’t need Photoshop to create fancy graphics. All you need is the right lettering!  Here are a few of my favorite FREE downloadable fonts. 1. Always Here | 2. A Song For Jennifer | 3. … Continue reading

DIY Gold Accented Gifts

     So I’ve become obsessed with gold recently, it’s my miracle color! Anything you have that’s starting to look a little lackluster just needs a quick coat of gold paint and it immediately looks brand new. Old candle votive … Continue reading

Easter Spirit

We made it! Winter is finally over and spring is in the air (here in Florida at least). The sun is out and it’s time to trade in those those knits and wools for silks and linens. A Saturday morning this beautiful warranted a … Continue reading

Winter Equestrian Festival

   The equestrian world is one like no other. It is a sport that I have fallen  head over heels in love with and now I’m hooked. What started as a hobby has quickly become the center of my little … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Treats

Alright guys, whether you love it or hate it, we can’t deny the fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. My favorite thing to do is whip up a batch of something delicious for that special someone because, … Continue reading

Product Review: Goody Spin Pin

If you have yet to incorporate these magical hair twists into your daily life, do yourself a favor and run to your closest convenience store a pick  up a pair right now! Whether you want a small tight chignon or … Continue reading

Combined Neutrals

You don’t always need color to grab someone’s attention. The perfect combination of neutrals can create a beautiful, elegant, and well — simply sophisticated — look. Just be sure to add varying shades to create depth and you can’t go … Continue reading