No Closet Solution

I recently moved into a new house and you know what that means… time to decorate!! As you can imagine, I was beyond excited to design my room entirely from scratch. I spent all summer in and out of Home Goods and surfing Pinterest for inspiration. The only problem I faced was the fact that it doesn’t have a closet. I could always get a large armoire and/or a dresser, but they take up so much space (which I don’t have a lot of) and they are too large and obtrusive. Plus I’m sure most ladies can agree that unless it’s the wardrobe to Narnia, it’s not going to hold all of our clothes (am I right?!).  So what to do? Ikea and other home good stores offered clothing storage options such as this one, but they all required lots of heavy hardware to be drilled and installed into the wall ( something I’m trying to avoid because I’m renting the space I’m in right now). So with this image as my inspiration, I set off to create my own no-closet-closet.

I started by purchasing two cheap bookshelves from Big Lots similar to this one as well as a closet rod  and closet pole sockets from our local hardware store. After assembling the bookshelves and attaching the rod in between them I ended up with this for only $42!

choose 3

Attaching the bar between the shelves is very simple, I just had to be sure that where I installed the closet-bar-sockets was as far away from the wall as possible so there is enough room to hang the clothes without them hitting the back wall. They are very easy to install — we thought we’d have to use a drill to attach them, but we just used our woman power to hand screw them in and it worked just fine. Now the bar just fits right into the sockets and voila!

barMost of my clothes can be hung, but utilizing the shelving is very important as well. I display the t-shirts I wear most folded on one shelf and lowered the top shelf to hold my TV. And since shoes take up quite a bit of space, I love having a hanging shoe organizer to keep them in one compact space. I hang my bras on a DIY bra organizer I made in an earlier post that can be found here. And  I found this awesome blue box at Home Goods recently that works great to store workout clothes.

choose 5I found that a tie hanger works great for storing scarfs– No wrinkles!

choose 7

Command hooks (can be found anywhere — Target, Walmart, and most all drug stores) work great to hang wet towels and adhere well to the side of the bookshelves. I also store small items (underwear, socks, bathing suits) in small wicker baskets I found at Target.

choose 2

Storing pants was something that I wasn’t originally sure how to go about. I thought about hanging them up but I found that they fit great folded and placed into a large bin (also from Target). In another large bin I fold tank tops, camis, and miscellaneous cotton shirts. The bottom shelf I use to keep my shorts and sweaters (I want them to lay flat instead of hanging or being folded into a basket).

 right shelf

I am so happy with how my no closet solution turned out. It stores all of my clothes (besides out of season heavy clothes that I store in containers under my bed) without being a horrible eyesore. No closet in your new digs? No problem 🙂 I’d love to see other’s no closet solutions!


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